Yellow Peridot-White Howlite Beads String Cotton Band

Yellow Peridot/white Howlite string bead bracelet with gray Agate Druzy slice,  gold electro formed. This bracelet is made with natural white Cotton Yarn with a gold sparkle twist. 
To adjust in sizing by partially double securing with a gold toned spring clasp on each side or simply close it as is.
Yellow Peridot is known to have a calming effect on the wearer.  When used they become a protector against negative emotions. Known to increase strength and reduce anxiety. It's a crystal of positive power, recognizing and honoring the creators frequency of Love. used with right intent, it helps one's abilitiy to receive from the Universe on all levels of life.

White Howlite can aid in self awareness and is helpful in calming the mind. it is said to be a dominant Guardian stone and calm the state of emotion and mind.

Gray Agate is a grounding stone bringing intellectual, emotional and physical balance. It said to harmonize the yin and yang the positive and negative forces that hold the universe in place. It works slowly but brings great strength.

  • Gray Agate drzy slice about 1 1/28 long( excluding connectors )
  • Bracelet length 9 "
  • Yellow Peridot 8 mm
  • White Howlite 8 mm

  • $27.50
  • $37.00

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