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Yellow Peridot-White Howlite Gemstone Handmade Bracelet

Yellow Peridot-White Howlite Gemstone Handmade Bracelet

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Our Yellow Peridot and White Howlite Bead Bracelet featuring a stunning gray Agate Druzy slice with gold electroformed details. Crafted with natural white Cotton Yarn, subtly accented with a gold sparkle twist, this bracelet is both stylish and versatile.

Adjust the size effortlessly by partially double securing with gold-toned spring clasps on each side or wear it as is. The Yellow Peridot, known for its calming effect, acts as a protector against negative emotions, increasing strength and reducing anxiety. Recognized as a crystal of positive power, it aligns with the frequency of Love and enhances the ability to receive from the Universe.

White Howlite contributes to self-awareness and mental calmness, serving as a dominant Guardian stone that soothes emotions and minds. The gray Agate Druzy slice, approximately 1 1/8 inches long (excluding connectors), adds grounding elements and balances intellectual, emotional, and physical aspects.

With Yellow Peridot beads measuring 8mm and White Howlite beads of the same size, this 9-inch bracelet combines beauty with holistic benefits. Embrace the positive energy and stylish charm of this unique piece, designed to bring balance and strength into your life.

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