About Me

Hi, I'm Gabriele, owner and creator of soflobohoboutique.com

Thank you for your interest in my creations. 

I have always loved handcrafted products and jewelry. In 2018 I decided to give my passion even more purpose and started creating jewelry. Living close to the Beach inspired me to use the beautiful Seashells and started to make jewelry and expanded this passion to Silversmithing.

Handcrafted products are very special, not only to me but also the person receiving them. each piece is a masterpiece, created with lots of love, infused with good energy, good intentions and lots of personal attention.

I don't mass produce by machinery but make my jewelry by hand in many different variations. The are shaped, sawed, soldered, filed, sanded and painted, (just to name a few of the MANY way they are created) step by step and piece by piece. It takes lots of love, time and craftmanship to design and make them just right. Smaller production means higher quality and gives a meaning to it.

My material is USA made, ethically sourced and the majority bought by Small Businesses, like myself.

I might make more alike pieces but trust me they will never be exactly the same and more like " one of a kind ".

My style is Bohemian, little bit of Hippie and Gypsy influenced and inspired = Love-Peace and Happiness.

I hope you like what you see and find yourself that special little piece that speaks to you, or a great handmade gift for your friend and family.

Many Thanks and much Love,