Raw Citrine Nugget Pendant With Citrine Gemstone Beads - Boho Style

Beautiful center pendant raw Citrine nugget , silver electroplated. The Citrine nugget is dangling on a silver chain and embellished on each side with gorgeous dangling Citrine gemstone beads. the silver rope is attached to a black faux leather rope.

Citrine is known to be the premier stone of imagination and manifestation. It is warm, comforting and energizing. It carries the power of the sun and stimulates the chakras, clearing the mind and stirring the soul. Dispels anger and gives optimism. Stimmulates the body's own healing energies. it attracts abundance and personal powers. The light emitting Citrine helps infuse your aura with light and positivity.

  • Citrine nugget 1 1/8" long
  • total necklace length about 20"  Citrine nugget not included
  • Citrine gemstone beads 8 mm

  • $60.00

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