Boho Statement Ring - Silver-Copper Hearts - Swarovski Rhinestones - Sterling Silver

Bold hammered texture handcrafted .925 Sterling Silver statement ring - slightly adjustable if needed. Rugged edges and embellished with a Copper Heart on Sterling Silver Heart, one ring the Copper Heart has a silver overlay Swarovski Rhinestone with full bead line and/or Daisy flower line around the ring. Current setting allows the ring to be slightly adjusted by pulling apart to increase size or offset the endings to your likings.  

  •  Sterling Silver .925
  •  Band width approx. 12.6 mm at widest part
  •  Swarovski Rhinestone approx. 4 mm
  •  Size 7 1/4 - blue Rhinestone - Daisy flower decoration line - silver/copper heart
  •  Size 8 1/2 - pink Rhinestone - half bead decoration line- silver heart /copper with   silver overlay

  • $59.00

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