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Encouragement-Grounding Gemstone Bracelet

Encouragement-Grounding Gemstone Bracelet

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An exquisite combination of gemstone stretch bracelets featuring an Azurite Malachite centerpiece, surrounded by Night Sky Blue Goldstone, Vanilla Brown Feldspar, and Amazonite. Available in two sizes: approximately 7 inches and one with a "Dream" charm at about 7 1/2 inches. The Azurite bead, around 15mm, is accompanied by 8mm beads. Find the bracelet that resonates with your energy by browsing through all the pictures.

It is believed that:

  • Azurite/Malachite is the Stone of Heaven, a great fusion of 2 stones, aid in self mastery, self awareness, believed to assist people to their destiny
  • Night Sky & Blue Goldstone (man-made) a symbolic reminder that light will always be found in the darkness, motivational stone, resembles the stars on a dark night
  • Vanilla Brown Feldspar, astral travel stone, believed to assist success, inner healing, self-love, creativity, power, abundance and much more
  • Amazonite, Stone of Truth, good luck, empowers self discovery, & integrity , move beyond judgement

Natural gemstones will show some variations in color and pattern


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