Sterling Silver Daisy Band With Citrine Cabochon Adjustable

Handmade .925 Sterling Silver Daisy blossom design adjustable band with Citrine. This ring is approx 4 mm wide at its widest part and embellished with a Citrine Cabochon . Current closed settings are listed below. Can be slightly adjusted in size by carefully pulling apart to make bigger or pushing together.

 Citrine the Light Maker - Joy - Happiness - Light . cirine Crystal emanates positivity and joy. The Citrine crystal meaning is associated with wealth and abundance, also called the Merchant Stone or Success Stone. Citrine can provide you with powerful radiant energy to boost your personal motivation and drive. Citrine infuses your spirit with positive energy which is very powerful when manifesting success. Help blocks and dissolves stagnation and boosts energy.

Each quartz has its own shine please DO enlarge the pictures as the ring of your size will show the Quartz better.

  • $56.00

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