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Sterling Silver Daisy Band With Citrine Cabochon Adjustable

Sterling Silver Daisy Band With Citrine Cabochon Adjustable

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Indulge in the enchanting beauty of our Handmade .925 Sterling Silver Daisy Blossom Design Adjustable Ring adorned with a radiant Citrine gemstone. This adjustable ring boasts a delightful daisy blossom pattern and is approximately 4 mm wide at its broadest part.

Embellished with a Citrine Cabochon, known as the Light Maker, this ring resonates with joy, happiness, and light. Citrine is associated with wealth and abundance, earning it the names Merchant Stone or Success Stone. Its powerful radiant energy inspires personal motivation and drive, making it an excellent choice for manifesting success.

The closed settings are specified below, and the ring can be gently adjusted in size by carefully pulling apart to enlarge or pushing together for a snug fit. Each quartz in this collection possesses its own unique shine, so be sure to enlarge the pictures to appreciate the individuality of the Citrine gemstone in the ring of your size. Let the positivity and success radiate with our exquisite Citrine Daisy Blossom Adjustable Ring.

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