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Sterling Silver Daisy Ring with Rose Quartz Cabochon

Sterling Silver Daisy Ring with Rose Quartz Cabochon

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Delight in the elegance of our Handmade .925 Sterling Silver Daisy Design Band. This exquisite ring, approximately 4 mm wide at its broadest point, is adorned with a light-colored Rose Quartz Cabochon.

Rose Quartz, a crystal of unconditional love, exudes peace and compassion. With its soft feminine energy, this crystal brings healing, tenderness, comfort, and nourishment. It resonates directly with the Heart Chakra, dissolving fears, resentments, and emotional wounds. Reawaken your heart to its innate ability to give and receive love from others.

Explore the unique shine of each Rose Quartz Cabochon by enlarging the pictures. Embrace the timeless beauty and meaningful energy of this Sterling Silver ring.

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