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Lava Stone-Amazonite Diffuser Stretch Band Copper-Lotus Charm-Yoga Beads

Lava Stone-Amazonite Diffuser Stretch Band Copper-Lotus Charm-Yoga Beads

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Discover the significance of our Lava and Amazonite bracelet, featuring 8 mm natural Lava and Amazonite beads centered around a copper Lotus flower charm, measuring approximately 20x24 mm. The bracelet alternates back-to-back Lava stones, separated by rose/copper-colored heart beads. Infuse a few drops of your preferred oil onto the Lava stones for enduring aromatherapy benefits throughout the day.

Lava stone serves as a grounding force, fostering a strong connection with Mother Earth. It offers stability through life's changes, instilling courage and depth while imparting calming qualities that align with the Root Chakra.

Amazonite, a healing stone, encourages truth, harmony, and self-expression, aiding in clearing thoughts and manifesting dreams. Enhancing communication, it soothes worries, calms the mind, and brings balance to all aspects of life.


  • Bracelet - stretch size 7
  • To find your ideal bracelet length, measure your wrist and add 1/2" - 3/4" for the finished bracelet length.
  • For a comfortable fit, the bracelet should be at least 1/2" larger than your wrist."
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