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Mother Of Pearl Dangling Seashell Earrings With Yellow Jasper

Mother Of Pearl Dangling Seashell Earrings With Yellow Jasper

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Exquisite set of round-shaped natural/dyed Mother of Pearl earrings, featuring a round opening for a touch of elegance. The lower Mother of Pearl, adorned with a 6 mm yellow Jasper, is larger, while the upper Mother of Pearl is smaller and embellished with a 4 mm yellow Jasper Bead. These S-Style earrings come with clear rubber backings and measure about 3" long, including the S-Hook.

Yellow Jasper, renowned for aiding and protecting during spiritual work, acts as a companion stone, guiding you through earthly experiences and supporting your life path. It offers protection and purification, clearing the body of environmental toxins and impurities. The color yellow is associated with the solar plexus chakra.

Note that natural seashells are unique, and imperfections contribute to their individual charm. Elevate your style with this distinctive and naturally beautiful earring set.

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