Tree Of Life With Natural White Iridescent Opalite Pendant, White And Turquoise Howlite, Druzy Agate Bead Necklace


Stunning gold tone Tree of Life pendant with natural white iridescent Opalite as backing which make the cut out Tree stand out. This Gemstone necklace with amazing natural white marbled Howlite, turquoise Howlite round, square and rondelle shaped Gemastones as well as round Agate druzy beads beautifully designed, with little gold tone spacers in between.

The Tree of Life symbol represents our personal development, uniqueness and individual beauty. just as the branches of the tree strengthen and grow upwards in the sky, we too strive for greater wisdom, knowledge and new experiences as we move through life and to grow stronger.

Opalite is a wonderful serene crystal. The stone of Love that only rewards faithful Lovers. It is said to help with long lasting romance. It is believed to alleviate depression, help with anxiety and sooth nerves. It brings inner peace and a sense of calm.

White marbled Howlite is said to aid in self awareness and is helpful in calming the mind. It is said to be a dominant guardian stone and calm the state of mind and emotion.

Turquoise Howlite  is a great stone to reduce tension, stress, anxiety and anger. It is known to calm the energy around you. Turquoise is associated with the throat chakra.

Agate Druzy  cleanses and increases the bodys natural therapeutic properties and reinforces the spirit. It's calming and believed to offer stability needed to avoid despair of feelings of panic and or fear. Crown Chakra!

  • Gold tone Focal Tree Pendant 1"
  • Opalite iridescent white 1"
  • Necklace length about 36 1/2" including Lobster clasp closure
  • White marbled Howlite 10 and 5 mmm
  • Turquoise Howlite round beads: 5 mm, Rondelle: 20 x 13 mm, Square: 10 mm
  • Agate Druzy: 5 mm

  • $89.00

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