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Yellow Peridot-White Howlite Beads - Gemstone Handmade Bracelet

Yellow Peridot-White Howlite Beads - Gemstone Handmade Bracelet

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Introducing our Yellow Peridot and White Howlite Gemstone Bracelet featuring a gray Agate Druzy slice with gold electroformed accents. Crafted with natural white Cotton Yarn and a gold sparkle twist, this extra-long bracelet allows easy adjustment with gold-toned Lobster clasps on each side.

Yellow Peridot offers a calming effect, acting as a protector against negative emotions, increasing strength, and reducing anxiety. This crystal resonates with positive power, aligning with the frequency of Love and enhancing one's ability to receive from the Universe.

White Howlite aids in self-awareness, calming the mind as a dominant Guardian stone. The gray Agate Druzy slice, approximately 1 1/8 inches long (excluding connectors), is a grounding stone that harmonizes yin and yang forces, providing intellectual, emotional, and physical balance.

With 8mm Yellow Peridot and White Howlite beads, and a generous 11-inch length, this bracelet seamlessly combines style and holistic benefits, offering a unique and adjustable accessory for positive energy and balance.

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